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1. BRECON & MERTHYR RAILWAY-Black on blue ½d prepaid newspaper parcel stamp. Mint. Res £15

2. BRECON & MERTHYR RAILWAY-Black on yellow 1d prepaid newspaper parcel stamp. Mint Res £15

3. THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS ½d black on pink prepaid newspaper parcel stamp “At Owners Risk”. Mint Res £15

4. CORRIS RAILWAY COMPANY-2d black on pink prepaid newspaper parcel at owners risk. Un-numbered, Ewen considered these proofs. Res £15

5. TAFF VALE RAILWAY-1d black on white & 3d black on rose with signature of JONES as secretary. Used condition. [2] Res £12

6. SEVERN & WYE JOINT RAILWAY-Black on yellow ½d single newspaper stamp with control A/6444. Unused. Res £9

7. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS-7d red on white paid parcel stamp with control B3541 used with manuscript cancel. Res £4

8. RHONDA & SWANSEA BAY RAILWAY-1d blue on white prepaid newspaper parcel stamp-see illustration Res £18

9. RHYMNEY RAILWAY COMPANY-3d violet prepaid newspaper parcel stamp without control number, with manuscript cancel. Res £15

10. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-A horizontal pair of the 4d RLS with black 3 overprint. Mounted mint pair of the 1928 issue. [2] Res £18

11. SOUTH EASTERN & CHATHAM RAILWAY-1/- Prepaid parcel stamp issued at ERITH, routed to Watchet, Somerset via Reading with s/line date 15.10.1917 Res £8

12. SOUTH EASTERN & CHATHAM RAILWAY-3d Prepaid parcel stamp issued at Tunbridge Wells with s/line date of April 1917 Res £6

13. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-Scarcer 11d Prepaid parcel stamp issued at HOLBORN VIADUCT cancelled by station cancel. Res £7

14. LYNTON & BARNSTAPLE RAILWAY-5d paid parcel stamp to South Molton with control 0086 cancelled by framed LYNTON & LYNMOUTH/L&BR/DATE /CANCELLED dated 14.2.1918. Very, very scarce item-see illustration. Res £25

15. COLNE VALLEY RAILWAY-6d paid parcel stamp from SIBLE & CASTLE HEDINGHAM to HAVERHILL with control number 927. Again, a very scarce label-see illustration Res £25

16. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-1d black on green/blue Express Parcel Service ticket by MH&Co for the NBR by passenger train and non-value black on pink Parcel Express Service ticket by COWAN & Co., for the NBR. [2] Res £12

17. PEMBROKE & TENBY RAILWAY COMPANY-1d black on yellow prepaid newspaper parcel stamp with [104] at top left, but without control number, with pen cross cancel. Res £15

18. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-2d, 3d & 4d with [626] after “Railway” in used condition. [3] Res £9

19. SOUTH EASTERN & CHATHAM RAILWAY-4d yellowish green RLS of 1923 with control number 29784 on piece tied by unframed GOUDHURST/10 NOV 1924 in violet ink. The RLS & the 1½d GEO V value are tied by LONDON S.E.1 dated the same day. Res £22

20. LONDON BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY-4d violet surcharge on 3d RLS from the left margin with control number 4240 on the back. Mounted mint example. Res £18

21. SOUTHERN RAILWAY/S.E & C SECT-PREPAID NEWSPAPER PARCEL STAMPS Pair of 2d values with controls 33005/6, 3d with control12887, 4d with control 804 and 5d with control 15823. All are used [5] Res £20

22. PEMBROKE & TENBY RAILWAY-One Newspaper Only label with red vertical band & control number 412. Res £5

23. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Large format 3d & 4d red prepaid newspaper parcel stamps with controls 552325 and 242227 and crayon cancels. [2] Res £5

24. THE HIGHLAND RAILWAY-0¼d “Open at Both Ends” “Stations twixt Perth, Keith & Bon-bridge” with control 3076 Res £5

25. INVERNESS & PERTH AND INVERNESS & ABERDEEN JUNCTION RAILWAYS ½d label for one newspaper with black control No.2554 Res £12

26. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-4d blue parcel stamp with control No.124039 cancelled by diamond shaped cancel GLASGOW/CROSS dated 25.2.1903 Res £6

27. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-ONE/PENNY green parcel stamp with background of multiple “North Eastern Railway”, cancelled by superb s/line SELBY in violet ink. Res £5

28. LONDON BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY-2d RLS cancelled by complete oval cancel BILLINGSHURST/STATION/L.B & S.C RY Res £5

29. LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY-2d RLS cancelled by s/lines FLEET formed into an X in violet ink. Res £8

30. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-4d RLS on piece tied by framed GWR cancel of MIDGHAM [Berks] dated 18.5.1928 Res £15

31. SOUTH EASTERN & CHATHAM RAILWAY-2d RLS with control No.24512 cancelled by pen cross and d/ring READING/4 dated 2.7.1902 Res £6

32. MIDLAND & SOUTH WESTERN JUNCTION RAILWAY-2d RLS of the 1891 issue in unused condition. Res £12

33. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-Overprint in black on 2d RLS of the Manchester & Milford Railway with control No.14033 cancelled by machine cancel & GWR station cancel. Res £4

34. NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE RAILWAY-2d bright green RLS in m/mint condition Res £4

35. NORTHAMPTON & BANBURY JUNCTION RAILWAY-2d RLS from the right margin in m/m condition. Res £20

36. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-1d green with value in four corners and with North Eastern Railway background, cancelled by s/lines TEMPLE SOWERBY formed into a cross [X] in violet ink. Res £5

37. LONDON BRIGHTON & SOUTH COAST RAILWAY-2d RLS cancelled by railway company circular cancel of WORTHING dated September 1916 Res £5

38. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-“For One Newspaper Only” black on light green with red C.R and control No.6232 in black. Res £5

39. NORTH BRITISH AND EDINBURGH & GLASGOW RAILWAY-Non value “For One Newspaper Only” black on green stamp with control No.17499 in unused condition-scarce! Res £15

40. GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY-½d black on red/orange for one newspaper, 1d violet for 2 newspapers & 2d blue for 4 newspapers. All used-odd corner fault on the 2d. [3] Res £6

41. NORTH EASTERN RY/RAILWAY LETTER POST-2d vermilion RLS with control No.1022 cancelled by NEWCASTLE-on-TYNE 545 Duplex cancel dated 27.4.1891 Res £12

42. MIDLAND GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY-2d RLS cancelled by s/ring DUBLIN dated 3.9.1891 Res £15

43. PEMBROKE & TENBY RAILWAY-1d black on yellow prepaid newspaper parcel stamp with [104] at top left, with ink cross cancel. Res £15

44. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY/MIDLAND RAILWAY-Baggage label addressed to Loughborough from Knaresborough with PAID N.E.R Parcel Label via Midland Railway applied at Knaresborough with added 9d N.E.R Parcel Stamp cancelled by s/line KNARESBOROUGH dated 21.12.1914 & Midland Railway 1d cancelled by s/line LOUGHBOROUGH dated the same day. Nice item, reduced slightly at right. Res £20

45. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-“THE SCOTSMAN” 2d News Letter Parcel label with control No.68809. Nice item-see illustration Res £20

46. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-½d newspaper parcel label in similar format to the previous lot with control No.56964 stuck down on album page. Res £12

47. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-1d, 2d & 3d newspaper parcel labels stuck to album page with adhesive showing through. Scarce, but gum stained. [3] Res £5

48. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-5d blue Newspaper Parcel label way Bill with control No.13582. stuck down & with minimal paper adhesion. Res £6

49. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-7d deep violet Newspaper Parcel label from 1880’s stuck down on album page. Res £8

50. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-1d, 2d, 3d, 4d, 6d & 1/- “Newspaper Parcel with Ordinary Way Bill” Scotland to England with red values in words together with red N.B. All have been stuck down on album page. Some gum showing through. [6] Res £15

51. ASKEATON RSO/Co. LIM’K-S/ring dated 1.7.1906 cancels stamp on postcard in Irish to Dublin. Res £5

52. BROCKENHURST RSO-Sepia postcard entitled “ARNEWOOD HOUSE, HORDLE, NEAR BROCKENHURST RSO, HANTS” addressed to Dublin with stamp tied by s/ring BROCKENHURST RSO / HANTS dated 27.6.1904. Alongside are s/rings NEW MILTON & HORDLE dated same day. Res £4

53. PORTMADOC RSO-1d pink QV postal stationery envelope pre-addressed in the style of handwriting, to the Festiniog Slate Quarry Co., Portmadoc RSO. Not postally used. Res £5

54. WORTHING STATION B.O/WORTHING-S/ring dated 24.1.1893 with index A on back of 1d pink postal stationery envelope cancelled by Hoster cancel of LONDON/EC with 93 between E&C. Res £6

55. STOKE WORKS-S/ring dated 4.8.1911 cancels stamp on postcard to Cheltenham. Res £4

56. LIVERPOOL OVERHEAD RAILWAY-Series of train tickets [traditional sort] stuck onto white card. Includes 3½d James St to Brunswick, Early Morning return 4d from Toxteth to Wapping, 4½d 3rd class from Dingle to Brunswick & return, 11½d 1st class return from Canada to Wapping, 3rd class single 2d from Brunswick to Herculaneum and 6d 3rd class single from Pier Head to Seaforth Sands. All complete with both parts. Scarce lot. See illustration [6] Res £18

57. POSTER STAMPS-CN Poster Stamp album for British Railways poster advertising stamps with all 40 stamps stuck in at the appropriate place. Minor faults, but complete. Res £15

58. LSWR 150th ANNIVERSARY Insert to a presentation pack, being the PROOF COPY with illustrations of rolling stock & postmarks used on the railway from the 1850’s. Res £5

59. MAP OF THE GWR SYSTEM-Small compact map contained in original folder. Superb condition throughout-C.1935 Res £7

60. SWINDON-Borough of Swindon final day of existence before abolition in the Local Government reorganisation of April 1974 with 3½p Machin perfin SB/C tied by commem cancel dated 31.3.1974. The cover is illustrated with engine KING GEO V and was carried on that train. Also comes with usual 1/- FDC for the Talyllyn Railway dated 5.7.1965 [2] Res £4

61. 150 YEARS MAIL BY RAIL 1830-1980 Booklet of eight pages with many illustrations etc. Published by ??? Res £4

62. BURGESS HILL RSO SUSSEX/1-D/ring dated 17.9.1910 with time 9pm cancels stamp on postcard to Reigate. Res £3

63. RAILWAY OFFICES, BARROW-IN-FURNESS-QV 1d pink postal envelope pre-addressed to Frank Stileman at this address. Not postally used. Res £4

64. LLANBEDR RSO/MERIONETH-S/ring dated 31.3.1920 cancels stamp on postcard to Bristol. Mark is good, but card is creased. Res £4

65. BUENOS AYRES & PACIFIC RAILWAY Co.-Pre addressed GEO V ½d postal stationery letter sheet to the company offices in New Broad Street, London. Not postally used. Res £4

66. FLEET/HOLBEACH RSO LONC-Superb s/ring dated 27.7.1909 with time 10.45am ties stamp to postcard. Res £4

67. UP SPECIAL/TPO-D/ring dated 2.5.1938 ties “Found Open & Officially Sealed” tape to part registered piece from BURNLEY. Res £6

68. CORK/TPO-S/ring dated 8.7.1881 lightly struck on back of cover from Birkenhead to Cork. Res £5

69. BRUNN/BAHNHOF-S/ring dated 9.9.1882 cancels Austrian 2kr brown postal stationery postcard. Res £4

70. MARBURG/BAHNHOF-S/ring dated 17.5.1898 cancels Austrian 2k brown postal stationery postcard addressed to Vienna. Res £4

71. NORTHAMPTON-Postcard of the Town Hall addressed to Diss, Norfolk with details of the connecting train times from Diss to Northampton. At top left is s/line station mark “NORTHAMPTON” with s/line date 25.9.1906 below. Stamp is tied by Northampton squared circle dated same day. Res £4

72. PARK MILL RSO/GLAMORGAN-S/ring dated 17.8.1905 cancels stamp on postcard to Kent. Res £6

73. SOUTHWOLD RSO/SUFFOLK-S/ring dated 19.11.1905 on stampless, unpaid postcard addressed locally. Alongside is manuscript postage due markings. Res £5

74. CLYDACH RSO/GLAMORGAN-S/ring dated 15.12.1904 cancels stamp on postcard addressed to the RSO. Res £4

75. FELINFACH RSO/CARDIGANSHIRE-S/ring dated 5.8.1907 cancels stamp on postcard to Llandissil. Res £5

76. NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY-Cover addressed to Great Driffield cancelled by red inked s/ring YORK/PAID dated 25.2.1921. At left is printed details in case of non-delivery. Res £3

77. LLANDDEUSANT/LLANGADDOCK RSO-S/ring dated 28.10.1918 cancels stamp on postcard addressed to South Wales. Res £10

78. FARNBOROUGH STATION-Double Arc cancel dated 15.7.1856 with index C in green/blue ink on back of 1d pink envelope from London to Bagshot. Res £22

79. FAWLEY STATION-S/ring dated 18.11.1909 cancels stamp on postcard to Ross-on-Wye. Res £4

80. FRESHWATER STATION S.O/I OF WIGHT-D/ring transit mark dated 11.7.1908 on redirected postcard from Teignmouth to Worthing, d/ring FRESHWATER STATION/I OF WIGHT dated 4.7.1928 cancels stamp on postcard and H06 Duplex cancel dated 3.6.1905 cancels stamp on postcard. [3] Res £6

81. HASTINGS/STATION OFFICE-S/ring dated 2.1.1900 ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Penrith & duplex cancel dated 19.7.1890 ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Ware. [2] Res £4

82. LEWES/STATION OFFICE-Squared circle dated 12.10.1887 with index M cancels ½d brown QV postal stationery postcard addressed to Dorking. Superb, upright strike. Res £7

83. MICHELDEVER STATION-3 Bar duplex cancel dated 19.10.1905 ties stamp to postcard addressed to Shawford. Res £5

84. ST LEONARD’S ON SEA/STATION OFFICE-S/ring transit mark dated 21.10.1901 on Bavarian postal stationery postcard addressed to Bexhill-on-Sea. Missent? Res £5

85. ST BUDEAUX STATION-S/ring dated 18.2.1918 cancels stamp on locally addressed postcard. Res £4

86. GLENBARRY/STATION/G.N OF S RY-Oval cancel ties QV 1/- green to piece of telegram form. Res £8

87. MICHELDEVER STATION03 Bar duplex cancel dated 23.5.1885 with index B cancels ½d green on tatty looking Alabama Great Southern Railway Company proxy voting form. Res £5

88. DOWN SPECIAL TPO & EDINBURGH TPO Mailbag labels concerned mainly with TURRIFF & including a registered bag label. [7] Res £2

89. VALE OF RHEIDOL RAILWAY-First issue set of four of July 1970 m/mint. [4] Res £2

90. TALYLLYN RAILWAY-Complete sheet of 10 x 1/- centenary values Res £20

91. TALYLLYN RAILWAY-Complete sheet of 10 of the Centenary value surcharged 1s0d in red. Mounted very lightly in margin-catalogued £275 in 1989 Res £150

92. AUSTRALIA/PUFFING BILLY-25th anniversary postcard celebrating the reopening of the railway between Belgrave & Menzies Creek in 1962. With 35c Australian Puffing Billy stamp tied by special cancel dated 28.7.1987. Also with two different cachets including a “Carried” cachet. Res £4

93. ITALY-Cover addressed to Caramanico with 50c violet tied by d/ring AMB ROMA-PESCARA 237/[1] dated 19.8.1935. Alongside is similar cancel. Res £5

94. ULM/BAHNHOF-Undated lozenge shaped cancel in black ink cancels Wurttemberg 5pf postal stationery postcard to Hamburg. Alongside is dated cancel K.Wurtt dated 20.12.1880. Nice! Res £6

95. POSTCONDUCTEUR IN ZUGE/WEIPORT-KOMOTAY No.740-Unframed cancel on Austrian 2k postal stationery postcard addressed to Bohemia. Below are dated cancels 30.11.1897 Res £12

96. VIETNAM-FDC For the Transport Ministers Congress at Hanoi with SGN345/6 tied by special cancel dated 23.3.1965 Res £4

97. NEW ZEALAND-FDC For the NZ Railway Centenary addressed to the UK with 3d & 1/9d values tied by special cancel dated 25.11.1963 Res £4

98. GB-FDC For the Centenary of the Paris Postal Conference of 1863 with 6d value tied by DOVER PACKET SERVICE Commem cancel dated 7.5.1963. Cover is illustrated with steam train etc at left. Res £12

99. TALYLLYN RAILWAY-Complete sheet of 10 of the 1967-69 1/1d definitives-mounted very lightly just on edging only. Res £22

100. TALYLLYN RAILWAY-1965 Centenary value on cover addressed to Herts with 4d Wilding tied by TOWYN d/ring dated 10.7.1965. The RLS is tied by company cancel. Res £4

101. TALYLLYN RAILWAY-Cover addressed to Bromsgrove with 1/1d surcharge value in green, affixed & tied by company cancel. The 4d blackbird value is tied by Towyn d/ring dated 8.8.1966 Res £5

102. TALYLLYN RAILWAY-Cover addressed to Herts with pair of 1/1d 1967 definitives tied by company cancel. The Welsh 4d regional is tied by Towyn d/ring dated 12.6.1967 Res £4

103. FRANCE-Cover with 30c green & 1f50 1937 Railway Congress values tied by s/rings CONGRES DES CHEMINS DE FER/PARIS 1937 dated 3.6.1937. Res £5

104. SPREYTON/BOW RSO N DEVON-S/ring dated 24.12.1908 cancels stamp on postcard addressed to Exeter. Res £4

105. ROBOROUGH RSO/DEVONSHIRE-S/ring dated 9.7.1909 as receiver on postcard from Bideford to Roborough. Res £3

106. HOLYWOOD RSO/Co. DOWN-S/ring dated 15.8.1907 cancels stamp on postcard to Dundalk. Res £4

107. LLANBEDR RSO/MERIONETH-S/ring dated 30.8.1905 cancels stamp on postcard to Milton, Northants. Res £3

108. RAILWAY MAIL SERVICE-Headed notepaper, being Form 5206 with revised printed date of September 1934. Unused, but folded. Res £4

109. EGYPT-Cover to Clonmel, Ireland with 5m value tied by ASYUT/STATION dated 26.7.1915. On the back is s/ring ASYUT-CAIRO/TPO dated 27.7.1915 Res £4

110. EGYPT-Cover addressed as previous lot with 5m tied by d/ring PORT TAUFIQ-ISMAILIA/TPO dated 4.4.1915 with T104 index. Further strike alongside. Res £4

111. AUSTRIA/HOSPITAL TRAIN-Postcard of LJUBLJIANA addressed to Prague cancelled by d/ring dated 1.1.1916. Across top is s/line K.u.K INFEKTIONSKRANKENZUG NR 110 in violet ink. Res £15

112. AUSTRIA-Postcard addressed to Pardubice with Austrian 5h value tied by s/ring D BROD-PARDUBITZ dated 20.3.1902 with die 384. Res £5

113. CANADA-Registered cover to Surrey with 5c, 10c & 20c values tied by s/rings RED ROCK/ONT dated 15.11.1955. On the back is s/ring TOR & FT WM RPO/No.1 dated 15.11.1955. Also with s/ring MONTREAL B&F MAIL/CANADA dated 17.11.1955 Res £5

114. DUNDEE AND PERTH AND ABERDEEN/RAILWAY JUNCTION-Printed envelope addressed to Edinburgh with 1d red stars tied by DUNDEE duplex cancel dated 27.3.1860. Res £8

115. GERMANY-Plain postcard addressed to Berlin with 3Rpf Hindenberg value tied by d/ring STADT DES KDF-WAGENS / BEI/FALLERSLEBEN / DATE / C dated 1.9.1938. Res £4

116. POLAND-Unaddressed postcard cancelled by d/ring POZNAN-KRAKOW/No.46 dated 11.12.1929 Res £4

117. CARMARTHEN-NEWCASTLE EMLYN S.C-S/ring dated 3.1.1902 with index B on rough cover with contents, addressed to Merthyr Tydvil. Not the prettiest of covers. Res £25

118. FIJI-Postcard of the Sugar Train addressed to Switzerland with 1c, 5c & 15c QEII pictorials tied by NADI AIRPORT cancel dated 20.3.1969 Res £3

119. DROMORE RSO/Co. DOWN-S/ring dated 18.10.1906 cancels stamp on postcard to Scotland. Res £4

120. NEWTOWN BUTLER RSO/Co. FERMANAGH-S/ring dated 16.2.1906 cancels stamp on postcard addressed locally. Res £5

121. BATH/STATION OFFICE-Scarcer 22mm s/ring dated 24.12.1903 cancels stamp on postcard to Navan, Ireland. Res £5

122. GLOUCESTER STATION-E94 Four bar duplex cancel dated 16.6.1879 with index C cancels 1d red on cover addressed to London. Res £7

123. C66-Four bar vertical numeral cancel C66 of WOKING STATION ties 1d red to cover addressed to London. On back is partial s/ring cancel of Woking Station dated 13.5.1867. Exhibition quality numeral cancel. Res £22

124. 047-Three bar horizontal oval numeral cancel 047 of CREWE STATION ties 1d red to cover addressed to London. On the back is dated d/arc cancel CREWE STATION dated 27.5.1857 with index A, in blue ink. Again, exhibition quality! Res £25

125. CREWE STATION-047 Four bar duplex cancel dated 27.8.1883 with index D ties 1d lilac to cover addressed to Sandbach. Res £7

126. GLOUCESTER/STATION-Stampless entire cancelled by d/arc CHEPSTOW addressed to Gloucester with d/arc cancel dated 26.4.1843 with serif lettering, on the back with index C. Res £15

127. LAINDON STATION/ROMFORD-S/ring dated 10.3.1914 cancels stamp on postcard to Leytonstone. Res £7

128. TONBRIDGE/STATION OFFICE-D/ring dated 17.10.1900with time 5pm cancels QV 1d red postal stationery postcard to Berlin. Exhibition quality strike. Res £7

129. SOUTH AFRICA-Cover to Malvern, Jo’burg with block of four x ½d & 6d value tied by BILINGUAL d/ring cancels WESTERN TPO 3 dated 24.7.1947 Res £9

130. SOUTH AFRICA/WWII-3d airmail letter sheet with GB GEO VI 3d tied by Field Post Office 196 cancel [Egypt] dated 14.6.1943. Below is d/ring PORT JACKSON STA dated 28.6.1943 Res £6

131. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard to Wynberg with CGH 1d EDW VII value tied by s/ring BETHESA ROAD [a station] dated 19.6.1909 without month being struck. Rated “RRR”. Over struck by Wynberg arrival mark. Res £5

132. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard to Winburg with EDW VII ½d CGH value tied by d/ring NUY STATION/+ dated 21.12.1906 Res £8

133. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard to Switzerland with EDW VII 1d CGH value tied by d/ring WELLINGTON STATION/+ dated 6.12.1905. Superb strike! Res £6

134. GREAT SOUTHERN & WESTERN RAILWAY COMPANY, IRELAND-Tucks Oilette railway official postcard depicting PARKNASILLA & SOUTHERN HOTEL ADDRESSED TO Sussex with EDW VII ½d tied by s/ring NEWBRIDGE/ IRELAND dated 13.6.1905 Res £6

135. OPENING OF THE STOCKTON & DARLINGTON RAILWAY, 27.9.1825-Postcard taken from the original painting by John Dobbin. Published by the Locomotive Publishing Co. Res £3

136. MORTEHOE-S.O/N. DEVON-S/ring dated 24.5.1927 with “R” removed from RSO. Res £4

137. GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY-PARCEL WAY BILL To Mansfield, Midland station dated 22.10.1879. Centrally is struck d/ring GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY / PARCEL / DEPART / VIA/BOSTON in black ink. Res £6

138. BROADSTAIRS STATION B.O/RAMSGATE-Scarcer [Ramsgate] d/ring dated 5.6.1901 cancels 1d lilac on cover to Hawkhurst. Res £7

139. BLARNEY RSO/Co. CORK-S/ring transit dated 30.12.1906 on postcard addressed to Plymouth, written from St Ann’s Hill Hydro with stamp tied by s/ring ST ANN’S HILL dated 30.12.1906 Res £5

140. AUGHER RSO/Co. TYRONE-S/ring dated 29.6.1906 cancels stamp on postcard to Auglin Castle. Res £4

141. CRAPSTONE/YELVERTON RSO DEVON-S/ring dated 5.9.1918 cancels stamp on postcard to Plymstock. Res £4

142. ASHWELL/BALDOCK RSO HERTS-S/ring dated 8.8.1908 cancels stamp on postcard addressed to HILLBOROUGH RSO, Norfolk. Res £4

143. DEARNE VALLEY RAILWAY COMPANY-Pre-addressed postcards to a Leeds Solicitor with details on the back to assent to, or dissent from introducing the Dearne Valley Railway Company Bill in Parliament. Card is dated December 1899 & is in pristine condition with ½d vermilion added, but not postally used. Res £5

144. KILMANAHAN RSO/Co. WATERFORD-S/ring arrival mark dated 11.8.1905 on postcard from Cheltenham addressed to the RSO. Res £8

145. CLYDACH RSO/GLAMORGAN-S/ring dated 10.8.1905 cancels stamp on postcard addressed to Carmarthenshire. Res £4

146. HELEN’S BAY RSO/Co. DOWN-S/ring dated 1.8.1908 cancels stamp on postcard to Belfast. Res £4

147. CHESTER/STATION OFFICE-Squared circle cancel with 3 broken circles, dated 15.10.1894 with index N cancels ½d vermilion on NORTHGATE BREWERY crested envelope addressed to Saltney. Res £6

148. FLAXTON STATION/YORK-S/ring dated 21.7.1920 cancels GEO V 1d postal stationery postcard addressed to Malton. Res £7

149. SOUTH AFRICA-Redirected cover from ESTCOURT to HIDCOTE to MOOI RIVER with ½d GEO V value tied by d/ring ESTCOURT dated 4.1.1926. Alongside is d/ring HIDCOTE RAIL/SOUTH/DATE/AFRICA dated 6.1.1926 Res £6

150. SOUTH AFRICA-QV ½d green CGH postal stationery postcard addressed to Port Elizabeth, cancelled by dumb cancel with WYNBURG s/ring alongside. At left is s/ring T.P.O/DOWN dated 24.1.1896 & s/ring MIDLAND/DOWN dated 26.1.1896. Comes with complete write-up. Res £15

151. SOUTH AFRICA-BLUNLEY JUNCTION/CGH-S/rings dated 22.12.1908 cancels EDW VII 1d on postcard to Seymour, arriving on Christmas day. Res £5

152. SOUTH AFRICA-GRAHAMSTOWN STATION/CGH-S/ring dated 27.8.1906 on postcard to Portsmouth. Res £5

153. SOUTH AFRICA-Postcard addressed to the RAILWAY CAMP at Kroonstad from Bloemfontein with d/ring receiver P.O-KROONSTAD STATION dated 11.10.1913 Res £6

154. NEW GALLOWAY STATION-Parcel Post Label cancelled by d/ring NEW GALLOWAY STN/475 dated 11.12.1901 with index A. Label is damaged at left & top. Res £6

155. LONDON & NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY-Ticket for the “KESWICK SPECIAL EXCURSION TRAIN” From Euston on 19.7.1907 together with compliments slip, envelope addressed to the ticket holder at Boxmoor [stamp removed] and accompanying letter “SUBSTITUTES TO KESWICK” dated July 1907 concerning new accommodation address while in “the Lakes”. [4] Res £15

156. ITALY-AMB ROMA-TORINO 1/E D/ring dated 17.6.1914 cancels stamp on postcard to Leicester. Res £4

157. LOSTWITIEL S.O/CORNWALL-D/ring dated 21.8.1908 with “R” removed from RSO cancels stamp on postcard to Northwood. Res £3

158. PORTHCURNO/TREEN RSO CORNWALL-S/ring dated 22.5.1909 on postcard addressed to Polruan, Fowey with stamp tied by TREEN squared circle cancel dated the same day. Res £4

159. WAVENDON/WOBURN SANDS RSO BEDS-S/ring dated 14.6.1913 cancels stamp on postcard to Ellesmere Port. Further, better strike alongside. Res £3

160. ITALY-GENOVA-VENTIMIGLIA/[D] D/ring dated 3.3.1907 cancels stamp on postcard to Cumberland. Res £3

161. ITALY-Same cancel as previous lot on postcard to same address, dated 20.12.1912 Res £3

162. BRIDLINGTON/STATION-BUY NATIONAL/WAR BONDS-Slogan cancel dated 21.9.1918 cancels stamp on postcard to East Yorks, redirected on arrival. Res £3

163. GREENORE RSO/Co. LOUTH-S/ring dated 1.10.1907 cancels stamp on postcard addressed locally. Res £4

164. MINTLAW STATION/+ D/ring dated 17.2.1906 alongside stamp tied by MINTLAW s/ring dated the same day. Res £5

165. CASTLE EDEN RSO/Co. DURHAM-S/ring dated 20.10.1904 cancels stamp on postcard to West Jesmond. Res £3

166. CROSSGAR RSO Co. DOWN-D/ring dated 5.5.1906 cancels stamp on postcard to Belfast. Res £5

167. BALQUHIDDER STATION/+ D/ring dated 19.8.1905 cancels stamp on postcard to Poole. Res £4

168. BANAVIE RSO INVERNESS-SHIRE/+ S/ring dated 13.9.1905 cancels stamp on postcard to Forres. Res £3

169. DUNDRUM RSO/Co. DOWN-S/ring dated 19.4.1905 cancels stamp on postcard to Belfast. Res £4

170. THORNBURY RSO/GLOS-D/rings dated 21.9.1912 & 19.3.1913 cancel stamps on postcards to Deanpool Farm, Coleford. [2] Res £4

171. LLANBEDR RSO/MERIONETH-S/ring dated 22.8.1908 cancels stamp on postcard to Nantwich. Res £4

172. DUNDRUM RSO/Co. DOWN-S/ring dated 18.8.1905 cancels stamp on postcard to Belfast. Res £4

173. TYNAN RSO Co. ARMAGH-D/ring dated 27.9.1905 cancels stamp on postcard to Belfast. Res £5

174. SEAMER RSO/YORKS-S/ring dated 16.2.1908 as receiver on postcard from Middlesbrough addressed to the RSO. Res £3

175. PERRANWELL STATION-Squared circle cancel dated 11.3.1903 cancels stamp on postcard of the King Harry Steam Ferry, River Fal, addressed to Devoran. Res £5

176. BANSHA RSO/Co. TIP-S/ring dated 24.12.1902 cancels stamp on postcard to Tenby. Res £6

177. UNION HALL LEAP RSO/Co. CORK-S/ring dated 25.12.1910 on postcard addressed to America with 1d stamp tied by s/ring LEAP dated same day. Res £6

178. AUSTRALIA-Postcard of Adelaide addressed to Sussex with 1/2d Tasmanian Tiger tied by s/ring ADELAIDE RAILWAY/SOUTH AUST dated 30.1.1963 Res £3

179. SWANLEY JUNCTION-Squared circle cancel dated 5.7.1905 cancels stamp on postcard to London. Res £3

180. KILLALOE RSO/Co. CLARE-S/ring dated 6.7.1906 cancels stamp on postcard to Southsea. Res £5

181. PARK MILL RSO/GLAMORGAN-S/ring dated 2.9.1904 cancels 1d stamp on postcard to Germany. Res £5

182. LINESIDE MAIL APPARATUS-Rules for working the same, 1962. Published by the TPO Section, London Postal Region. Res £4

183. GREAT SOUTHERN & WESTERN RAILWAY-Headed notepaper from the Accounts Office at Kingsbridge Terminus, Dublin dated 27.9.1904. Contains mention of two accounts against the Postmaster General for conveyance of Mails over the Fishguard & Rosslare Lines in Ireland and over the lines of the Rosslare & Wexford Railway. Res £6

184. THORNBURY RSO/GLOS-S/ring dated 30.8.1912 cancels stamp on postcard addressed locally. Res £4

185. GAME-PER EXPRESS TRAIN THROUGHOUT-Linen label with printed detail including senders name & address etc., addressed to Lilliput, Parkstone, Poole. Previously attached to a brace of pheasants. Undated, but C.1905 Res £8

186. UP SPECIAL TPO-Mail bag labels for Christchurch, Perth, Poole & Bournemouth. Registered bag labels for the Up Special for Weymouth, Dorchester & the MID-TPO SOUTH. Also Great Western TPO Up label for Dorchester via Taunton. [8] Res £5

187. LAST DAY OF THE ½d LATE FEE ON THE TPO-Illustrated postal stationery envelopes with ½d orange & 4d red, or ½d orange & 5d blue stamp impressions cancelled by d/rings WALLISDOWN POOLE/DORSET dated 30.6.1969 addressed to Brighton [2] Res £5

188. BOURNEMOUTH STATION CENTENARY GALA-Commem cover for the July 1985 event with 17p Machin tied by special 100th anniversary cancel dated 20.7.1985 Res £3

189. CARRBRIDGE RSO INVERNESS-SHIRE-S/ring dated 10.8.1928 cancels stamp on postcard to London. Res £3

190. HIGH EASTON/WICKHAM MARKET RSO SUFFOLK-S/ring dated 11.3.1909 cancels stamp on postcard of Easton Mansion addressed to Felixstowe. Res £4

191. FRANCE-Set of six postcards depicting costumes of the French Regions, published by the French State Railways. [6] Res £4

192. CENTRAL SOUTH AFRICAN RAILWAYS-Official postcard depicting a scene from BETHLEHEM addressed to Surrey. Stamp is removed. Res £3

193. DN-SPL-TPO/BM SECTION-Rubber Bag Tender cancel dated 28.2.1986 cancels stamps on cover to the Wirral. Res £7

194. NW T.P.O NT DN/BM SECTION-Rubber Bag Tender cancel dated 28.2.1986 cancels stamps on cover addressed as previous lot. Res £7

195. DN-SPL-TPO/BM SECTION-Rubber Bag Tender cancel dated 28.2.1986 cancels stamps on cover addressed as previous lots. Res £7

196. DY-BS-TPO/DY SECTION-Rubber Bag Tender cancel dated 28.2.1986 cancels stamps on cover addressed as above. Res £7

197. DY-BS-TPO/DY SECTION-Rubber Bag Tender cancel dated 28.2.1986 cancels stamps on cover addressed as previously. Res £7

198. NW TPO NT DN/BM SECTION-Rubber Bag Tender cancel dated 28.2.1986 cancels stamps on cover addressed to Derby. Res £7

199. UP SPECIAL TPO/BM SECTION-Rubber Bag Tender cancel dated 26.2.1986 cancels stamps on cover addressed to Derby. Res £7

200. DY-BS-TPO/DY SECTION-Rubber Bag Tender cancel dated 24.2.1986 cancels stam on cover addressed as previous lot. Res £7

201. DN-SPL-TPO/BM SECTION-Rubber Bag Tender cancel dated 28.2.1986 cancels stamps on cover addressed as previous lots. Res £7

202. DY-BS-TPO/DY SECTION-Rubber Bag Tender cancel dated 28.2.1986 cancels stamps on cover addressed to Chorley with Festiniog Railway Company 150 years cachet at bottom left. Res £7

203. LANCASHIRE DERBYSHIRE & EAST COAST RAILWAY-2d RLS from the 5th issue on piece with control number 2450 cancelled by pen cross cancel and just tied by d/ring LINCOLN dated 27.9.1906, as is the EDW VII 1d value. Res £12

204. TPO TRAVEL/WORK PASSES-Green or blue Royal Mail passes K87 & K88 allowing access to Royal Mail trains & TPOs. Expired 31.12.2002 [2] Res £4

205. FORMULA XB1-A “Mighty Midget” story book for young people telling a story about a “hold-up on a Travelling Post Office”, by Gunn Warne. C.1925 Res £5

206. RAILWAY CLEARING HOUSE-November 1946 list of alterations & additions to the Code Book, dated 1939 to be inserted. Res £4

207. COUNTY DONEGAL RAILWAYS-“CYCLE LABEL” To be attached to the bicycle by the passenger. Black on violet. Res £4

208. FRANCE/EGYPT-Postcard from France to Egypt with stamp tied by French TPO cancel DINAN A LAMBALLE. With further strike alongside d/ring ALEXANDRIA-CAIRO/TPO/FOREIGN MAILS dated 22.7.1912 Res £4

209. ITALY-Postcard addressed to Kent with 40c stamp tied by d/ring AMB COMODOSSOLA-NOVARA/[114] dated 23.6.1921. Alongside is hotel cachet of the BELVEDERE Hotel. Res £4

210. DOVER/STATION OFFICE-258 Duplex cancel dated 23.8.1900 with time 11am cancels 1d lilac on postcard to Belgium. Superb, upright strike. Res £6

211. MOUNT MELLICK RSO/QUEENS Co.-S/ring dated 10.10.1905 cancels stamp on postcard to Lymington. Res £4

212. INVERKEITHING RSO/FIFE-Scots d/ring cancel dated 29.5.1902 cancels stamp on postcard to Keavil. Res £3

213. KENMARE S.O/Co. KERRY-S/ring with “R” removed from RSO dated 16.8.1910 cancels stamp on postcard to Hitchin, Herts. Res £10

214. MOORGATE ST RAIL STATION B.O/E.C-S/rings dated 22.12.1893 with index A cancels stamps on QV registered postal stationery envelope size H addressed to Tottenham. There is a better strike on the back. Those on the front are only **. Res £20

215. WIRRAL RAILWAY-Linen baggage label with unframed cachet PASSENGER DEPARTMENT/…….[DOCKS]…….. STATION/WIRRAL RAILWAY in violet ink alongside s/line CARRIAGE PAID. Undated, but C.1905 Res £10

216. TAFF VALE RAILWAY-EDW VII ½d yellow-green postal stationery postcards with TV/R perfin through the stamp impression cancelled by CARDIFF cancel dated 1905 Res £12

217. IRELAND-Entire addressed to Waterford from the High Constable of Norwich, dated 17.8.1845 requesting the purchase of 60 shares in the WATERFORD & TRAMORE RAILWAY. With superb four-margin 1d red imperf tied by 575 numeral of Norwich. On the front is circular framed M/NR in orange/red ink. Wilson 6 Res £25

218. LBSCR-List of items of ladies clothing, forming the basis of an insurance claim by the Brighton Aquarium Company against the railway company dated 8.2.1878. Res £5

219. CLANDYFI RSO/CARDIGAN-S/ring dated 27.4.1910 cancels stamp on postcard to Co. Durham Res £4

220. GHANA-Commercial cover to Derby with stamps tied by large rubber cancels RAILWAY STATION POST OFFICE/KUMASI dated June 1998. Res £4

221. VICTORIA STATION S.R [L.B & S.C]/2-S/ring dated 12.5.1932 on back of counterfoil from a 2/- postal order. Res £5

222. GLOUCESTER STATION-S/ring transit mark dated 22.3.1877 with index B on QV ½d violet postal stationery postcard from Melrose branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland, addressed to Caernarvon. Res £5

223. RUGBY STATION-S/ring dated 8.7.1885 with index A on back of QV ½d brown postal stationery postcard from London to Rugby. Res £5

224. LNWR-Memo from the stationmaster of NORTHAMPTON CASTLE Station dated 6.8.1901 addressed to the Rev Neal, congratulating him on the birth of a daughter. Comes with addressed envelope. Memo has s/line NORTHAMPTON CASTLE in violet ink. Res £7

225. RAILWAY EXECUTIVE, SOUTHERN REGION-GEO VI 1½d green postal stationery window envelope with printed details at bottom, cancelled by S.Lambeth / S.W.8 machine cancel dated 22.9.1953 Res £5

226. WOODSIDE & SOUTH NORWOOD/STATION/S.E & C.RY-Undated oval specimen telegraphic cancel on white paper. Res £6

227. MAZE HILL/STATION/S.E RY-Undated oval specimen telegraphic cancel on white paper. Res £6

228. LADY WELL/STATION/S.E & C.RLY-Two undated oval specimen telegraphic cancel on white paper. Res £6

229. VALE OF RHEIDOL-FDC For the 1975 15p blue x 2. Also with Oakley 8 & 10 tied by same Devil’s Bridge cancel. Also with five other cancels/cachets on a very clean cover addressed to Tan-y-Bwlch. Res £3

230. GHANA-Cover addressed to Accra with QEII Independence overprints values 2d, 2½d & 4d tied by s/rings TPO WESTERN UP/GHANA dated 1.7.1958. Crease at left-philatelic? Res £5

231. EAST SOMERSET RAILWAY-Postcard of the “Black Prince” engine addressed to Poole with 17p commem tied by d/ring CRANMORE/SHEPTON MALLET SOM dated 28.5.1985. At left is a block of four [sheet] of the 10p values [Oakley 1-4] issued 22.4.1984, cancelled by rubber cancels E.S.R/MERRYFIELD LANE dated 26.5.1985 Res £4

232. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-Illustrated wallet/envelope containing 8 sepia postcards “Express Locomotives of The Southern”. Strangely, one is postally used in 1939 Res £6

233. TPO BAG LABELS-Selection from many TPOs including Up Special, Great Western Up, Midland South, Dover-Manchester, South Wales Up etc. [11] Res £3

234. COURT HILL/SWANAGE RSO DORSET-S/ring cancel dated 25.8.1906 cancels Court Hill, Swanage Parcel Post Label [stamp removed]. Comes with black & white photo of the Post Office. [2] Res £15

235. PARKSTONE RSO/DORSET-S/ring dated 16.3.1903 cancels Parcel Post Label of Parkstone. Res £12

236. TRAIN LATE/MAIL DELAYED-Oval die machine cancel of SEATTLE dated 24.2.1899 on back of cover addressed to Seattle with QV GB 2½d tied by POOLE-624 duplex cancel dated 9.2.1899 Res £12

237. SOUTHERN RAILWAY-London to Brussels short sea routes timetable and fare list for fares from September 1925 for the Victoria-Dover-Calais-Lille etc route. Res £12

238. CANADIAN PACIFIC-GB GEO V 1d postal stationery letter sheet, being a dividend statement addressed to Scarborough, cancelled by London Krag cancel dated 29.6.1914 Res £6

239. FORT GEORGE/STATION-S/ring dated 25.8.1892 with index A on back flap of cover addressed to the station with 2 x 1d lilacs tied by INVERNESS-183 Scots duplex cancel dated 24.8.1892 Res £15

240. I/RPO/E-Undated s/ring on longer cover addressed to Londonderry with 2 x ½d greens & a 1d lilac tied by s/rings LONDON dated 4.5.1882. A scarce London & Holyhead TPO cancel. Wilson 180 rated “H” by him. Res £40

241. SOUTH AFRICA-Commercial cover to Pretoria with stamps tied by d/rings SASOLBURG d/rings dated 28.5.1962. On the back is Railway Letter Post label affixed at COALBROOK Station, tied by rectangular cancel dated 26.5.1962. Res £8

242. BELGIUM-Sixteen railway dockets cancelled by various framed station cancels from the 1950’s & 60’s. [16] Res £3

243. NORTH KENT AND LOOP LINE RAILWAY TIMETABLE-July 1867 timetable for services between Charing Cross and Maidstone & return. Printed and published by A.Perry, High Street, Dartford. Comes from a printed guide, but complete. Res £15

244. NENE VALLEY RAILWAY-Catalogue of Railway Stamps, FDC’s and Special Covers, by Brian Allcock, 1993 Res £4

245. AIREY’S RAILWAY MAP OF THE WEST OF ENGLAND-1894 Map of all systems & routes of the day. Re-bound in claret hardback. Comes with original front cover with gold tooled title. Pristine! Res £20

246. COLLECT RAILWAYS ON STAMPS-Stanley Gibbons booklet, 3rd edition printed 1999 in excellent condition. Res £4

247. SOMERSET & DORSET RAILWAY-Various duplicated forms and pads etc issued & used by the company during the 1920’s. [Quantity] Res £35

248. MAIL RAIL-A4 Folded poster etc., showing workings of the railway etc. Nice item issued by the Post Office C.1980 Res £4

249. LONDON, CHATHAM & DOVER RAILWAY-Contract between the company & the Postmaster General for the Conveyance of the Mails, dated 14.3.1893. Excellent condition & complete. Res £20

250. SOMERSET & DORSET RAILWAY-Black & white postcard sized photos of engines & rolling stock at various locations. All are loosely mounted on leaves and comprises 32 at recognised locations and 22 at unidentified locations. [54] Res £35

251. STATION CANCELS-Wooded handled rubber “stamps” with brass studs. “SALISBURY / 5663B”, “BRITISH RAIL S.R / TRAVEL OFFICE / SALISBURY WILTS / SP2 7RS”, “DISCOUNT” x 2, “WINERSH TRIANGLE” and APTIS / PORTIS / CANCELLED / ON SHIFT. [6] Res £22

252. GB OFFICIAL Correspondence with letterheads of LMS [NCC], ASLEF [1930’s], B.R., The Railway Executive [5 regions], British Transport Commission [3 regions] etc. [11] Res £4

253. FESTINIOG RAILWAY-Selection of 21 different RLS from 1969-96. All are u/mm & catalogued at £15+ [21] Res £3

254. SWITZERLAND-TEN Cards/covers with cachets or special cancels of railway interest. [10] Res £3

255. SWITZERLAND-NINE Different postcards [none are modern] of railway scenes & locomotives including 3 of steam mountain railways. [9] Res £3

256. SWITZERLAND-SET Of Ten x 10c postal stationery postcards celebrating the 100th anniversary of Swiss Railways, issued in 1947. Each has different railway mail sorting/TPO vignette at left. With original envelope. [10] Res £6

257. L&NWR-QV ½d pink postal stationery postcard pre-addressed to Sevenoaks, redirected to the editor of “The Train” at Strand, cancelled by squared circle cancel LONDON N.W dated 25.11.1885. On the back is printed “Weekly Traffic Return” for weekending 22.11.1885. Res £3

258. BOTSWANA-1992 miniature sheet u/mm with the four values showing diesel locos & deluxe carriages etc alongside a map of the railway. SG 733-36 Res £3

259. LNER 4d RLS with control 543380 from the bottom left of the sheet. Very slight crease at bottom left doesn’t detract. M/Mint. Res £4

260. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-2d RLS from top right of sheet, cancelled by diamond shaped cancel of GLASGOW CENTRAL in violet ink, dated 23.12.1914 Res £5

261. GREAT CENTRAL & MIDLAND JOINT COMMITTEE-2d RLS from top left of the sheet in m/m condition. Res £5

262. LSWR-2d RLS on piece with GEO V 1d Downey head, both tied by unframed LSWR WINCHESTER PARCELS cancels in violet ink. Undated, but C.1912 Res £6

263. M&GN Joint Committee-3d red newspaper parcel stamp in unused condition [no gum] Res £4

264. LUGGAGE LABELS-“SHAKESPEARE ROUTE” label of the Sheffield & Midland Joint Railway at BLISWORTH, GWR Aylesbury & LMS Northampton. [3] Res £3

265. RAILWAY OFFICIAL PLAYING CARDS-All have different pictorial backs. 4 x LNER, 1 x LMS, 1 x GWR, 1 x Railway Centenary 1825-1925. [7] Res £3.50

266. LONDON & DERBY S.C/GOING NORTH-S/ring dated 31.1.1916 cancels 1d stamp [foxed] on postcard to Wolverhampton. Wilson 250 Res £10

267. MIDLAND RAILWAY-Printed brown envelope from the secretary’s office addressed to Newbiggin, cancelled by red inked PAID cancel of DERBY dated 1911. On back is embossed company crest. Res £4

268. LNWR Stampless correspondence card addressed within Woburn, cancelled by d/ring WOBURN SANDS dated 28.11.1914. At left is s/line station mark WOBURN SANDS & manuscript 1d TO PAY. The postage due is tied by s/ring WOBURN dated the same day. Res £4

269. LNWR Official postcard of Blackpool, New Promenade addressed to Birkenhead with an advert for the through-train service on the back. Cancelled by Chesterfield d/ring dated 31.8.1905 Res £3.50

270. SNOWDON MOUNTAIN RAILWAY-Official postcard [poster type] of Snowdon with inset of train & a view] postally used in 1923. Allsop ref 081 Snowdon series No.52 Res £5

271. LMS Official postcard of Caernarvon Castle with printed advert on the picture side for runabout tickets Allsop ref 311 type 3. Very clean, mint condition. Res £4

272. TALYLLYN RAILWAY-11 Official postcards. Britannia Series TRC 1-11 Res £7.50

273. TALYLLYN RAILWAY-12 Official postcards. Britannia series TRC14, 16-24 & 29-30. Res £5

274. NORTH EASTERN TPO UP-S/ring dated 20.6.1904 with index * cancels stamp on postcard to Ripon. Res £4

275. JERSEY RAILWAY CENTENARY-Special commem cover with 4d pictorial tied by special cancel dated 26.10.1970. At left is special Posted at Jersey Centenary Exhibition cachet dated the same day. Res £5

276. LNWR Printed envelope addressed to Christ’s Hospital, London with 1d stars tied by London duplex cancel dated 6.3.1863 Res £4

277. GO GREAT WESTERN-Printed slogan on 1946 newspaper wrapper addressed to Marple, cancelled by London 1d Paid machine cancel dated 1.2.1947 Res £9

278. THE RAILWAY HERALD-1845 Entire addressed within London being a super printed advert for the Railway Herald. With 1d imperf tied by 68 London numeral cancel. Res £25

279. YORK & SCARBORO’ S.T-S/ring dated 26.9.1907 cancels stamp on postcard to Scarborough. Res £5

280. YATTON STATION-Printed invoice for board & lodgings from the Hotel at YATTON Station dated 15.8.1900 Res £5

281. COLINBURGH RSO/FIFESHIRE-Scots d/ring dated 16.4.1908 cancels stamp on postcard to Harrow. Res £4

282. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-1856 Wrapper to Crieff with 1d stars tied by London 20 numeral cancel. Alongside is black inked CR mark. Res £6

283. MIDLAND RAILWAY-4d prepaid parcel stamp issued at LEICESTER STATION showing the error of “Missing “d” after 4”, together with normal issued at Nottingham station. [2] Res £22

284. SHREWSBURY YORK/B.T-Red inked Bag Tender mark ties 18p stamp to semi-official cover to Bristol. Res £7

285. BRISTOL LONDON TPO-S/rings dated 6.2.1937 cancel EDW VIII 1d values on cover addressed to Birmingham. Res £16

286. GWR 4d prepaid parcel stamp issued at BOURTON-ON-WATER cancelled by undated violet cancel. Res £5

287. LONDON BRISTOL S.C/DOWN DAY MAIL-S/rings dated 1.3.1924 cancels 3 x ½d GEO V values on cover to the GPO Surveyor’s Office at Shrewsbury. Wilson 367 Res £15

288. WHITEHAVEN S.T-S/ring measuring 24mm dated 14.11.1877 with index A on back of cover from London to Whitehaven. Res £7

289. LONDON & BRISTOL S.C/DOWN DAY MAIL-S/ring dated 19.7.1910 as transit on postcard from Folkestone to Hitchin. Wilson 367 Res £35

290. CARNFORTH & WHITEHAVEN TPO-J54 Duplex cancel dated 24.9.1910 with index C cancels a pair of ½d EDW VII values on postcard to Derby. Res £6

291. LIVERPOOL/LATE[1]FEE-D/rings dated 12.4.1965 cancel ½d & 3d Wilding values on cover to London. Res £6

292. LONDPON & BRIGHTON S.C/DAY DOWN-S/ring dated 4.8.1908 with time 8.15am on back of cover from Wales to Brighton. Wilson 461 Res £4

293. KILLALOE RSO/Co. CLARE-S/ring dated 17.3.1906 cancels stamp on postcard to Limerick. Res £6

294. TISBURY RSO/WILTS-D/ring dated 6.8.1907 cancels unstamped postcard addressed to Salisbury. Not taxed, so allowed through. Res £3.50

295. MINEHEAD RSO-Skeleton datestamp dated 11.7.1904 with index E cancels stamp on postcard to Derby. Res £6

296. LNWR-Benham silk commem cover celebrating LNWR with 8p train & 2nd class stamp tied by special cancel of STAFFORD dated 15.9.1997 Res £4

297. LMS Railway silk commem cover celebrating the South Staffordshire Railway with 8p loco & 19p definitive tied by oval cancel of Dudley dated 3.8.1996 Res £4

298. YORK & SCARBORO’ S.T-S/ring dated 25.7.1904 cancels stamp on postcard to Hull Res £7.50

299. GALLOWAY SORTING CARRIAGE-S/rings dated 22.7.1907 & 20.3 [no year struck] with index N on postcards addressed to Annan & Torquay respectively. Wilson 769 [2] Res £15

300. GALLOWAY SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 4.8.1907 with index N on postcard to Stranraer & two strikes on cover [foxed] to George King dated 12.7.1930 without index. This was the final day of use of this cancel. Wilson 769 [2] Res £18

301. GALLOWAY SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 27.10.1903 with index C cancels stamp on postcard to Woking. Wilson 768 Res £10

302. GALLOWAY SORTING TENDER-A similar cancel dated 13.5.1904 with index C cancels stamp on postcard to Rock Ferry. Wilson 768 Res £10

303. GALLOWAY SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 17.4.1872 with index B on back of cover to Kirkcudbright from Newton Stewart. Wilson 765 Res £12

304. GALLOWAY SORTING TENDER-An identical strike dated 2.9.1872 with index B on back of cover to Edinburgh from Stranraer Res £12

305. GALLOWAY SORTING TENDER-S/ring dated 10.11.1873 with index B alongside partial cancel tying 1d red to cover addressed to Crieff. [Back flap missing] Wilson 765 Res £12

306. GALLOWAY SORTING TENDER-S/rings dated 1871-73 cancel 3 loose 1d red values & a similar value on piece. [4] Res £8

307. GALLOWAY SORTING CARRIAGE-Two red wax BAG SEALS on card. Ex-Harold Wilson Cavendish sale of 24.11.2005. [2] Res £25

308. GALLOWAY TPO/UP DAY-D/ring cancels dated 1937/38 cancel various stamps on variously addressed covers. Wilson 771 [3] Res £7

309. GALLOWAY TPO/DAY UP-Two covers & a postcard similarly cancelled 1937/38. Wilson 771 [3] Res £7

310. GALLOWAY TPO/UP DAY-D/ring dated 14.7.1930 cancels stamp on cover [slight foxing] addressed to George King. This is the 1st day of the new cancel. W.771 Res £12

311. GALLOWAY SORTING CARRIAGE-S/ring dated 14.9.1904 with index U cancels stamp on postcard to Galashiels. W.770 Res £8

312. GALLOWAY SORTING CARRIAGE-S/rings dated 3.3.1922 cancel stamps on FRONT only pasted to postcard [modern] and s/ring dated 8.9.1913 cancels stamp on postcard to Clones. [2] Res £10

313. GALLOWAY SORTING CARRIAGE-Similar cancels dated 1905 [2] & 1910 with index U cancel stamps on postcards variously addressed. Wilson 770 [3] Res £18

314. GALLOWAY SORTING CARRIAGE-Similar cancels cancel stamps on postcard & cover dated 15.8.1918 & 20.10.1924. Cover is roughly open & foxed. W.770 [2] Res £12

315. GALLOWAY SORTING TENDER/CARRIAGE-Pieces with stamps cancelled by various of these cancels QV-EDW VII-EDW VIII. [5] Res £3

316. SCOTTISH MAILS ACCELERATION CENTENARY-Benham commem silk cover sponsored by the RPG with stamps tied by special cancel dated 11.5.1985 Res £2

317. ABOYNE RSO-Parcel Post label [Under Aberdeen] cancelled by d/ring ABOYNE/4 dated 3.4.1902 Res £9

318. OFFICIAL PAID/SANDRINGHAM RSO NORFOLK-Red inked s/ring dated 28.1.1924 cancels SANDRINGHAM, NORFOLK crested envelope addressed to Norwich. At left is GEO V Royal Cypher. Res £12

319. A SIMILAR Cover with cancel dated 12.10.1923, but not so clear. Res £8

320. UTTOXETER RSO-Parcel Post Label [Under Stafford] cancelled by s/ring UTTOXETER dated 4.6.1901. Minor faults, but uncommon. Res £8

321. CRAPSTONE/YELVERTON RSO DEVON-S/ring dated 4.8.1932 cancels stamp on postcard to Watford. Late date. Res £3

322. NEWPORT RSO/PEMBROKESHIRE-S/ring receiver dated 27.6.1905 on postcard from Brighton. Res £3

323. MINTLAW STATION/+ Scots d/ring dated 23.10.1910 cancels stamp on postcard Res £4

324. FEOCK/DEVORAN RSO CORNWALL-S/ring dated 29.6.1920 on small piece. Res £3

325. TEMPLECOMBE RSO/SOMT-D/ring dated 9.5.1907 cancels stamp on locally addressed postcard to the RSO Res £3

326. HINDHEAD/HASLEMERE RSO SURREY-D/ring dated 6.7.1905 cancels stamp on postcard to Surbiton. Res £3

327. HASLEMERE RSO/SURREY-Scarcer s/ring dated 13.6.1915 cancels stamp [damaged top left corner] on postcard to Chislehurst. Res £5

328. GRAYSWOOD/HASLEMERE RSO SURREY-S/ring [lightly struck] dated 23.12.1908 cancels stamp on postcard to London. Res £5

329. HORLEY RSO/SURREY D/ring dated 10.11.1906, HUNSTANTON RSO/NORFOLK dated 6.9.1905 & GRANGE OVER SANDS RSO/LANC dated 28.7.1908 cancel stamps on postcards. [3] Res £3

330. EASTLEIGH RSO/HANTS-S/ring dated 18.1.1910 and d/rings GILLINGHAM RSO, CASTLE CARY RSO & WOTTON UNDER EDGE RSO dated 1907-10 cancel stamps on postcards. [4] Res £3

331. HORNDEAN, LYNDHURST & BEXHILL ON SEA RSO D/ring cancels on postcards dated 1906-1910. [3] Res £3

332. HOLLAND & COLONIES-INDONESIA 1959 SG815, 817 & 818 Colombo Plan, m/mint, 1952 Indonesian “EXPRESS” stamps x 4 [unlisted by SG] m/mint, SURINAME issue of 1945 surcharged 1 CENT in 1950 [SG 383] m/mint and Netherlands SG754 & 757a m/mint & used. Catalogued £36++ Res £5

333. JAPAN-SG 507 used, 547 & 549 m/mint, SG 507 used WITHOUT WATERMARK & SG 761 m/mint. Cat £30 Res £5

334. MISC COUNTRIES-ETHIOPIA SG 456 m/mint, ITALY SG 931 m/mint & used, LIBERIA SG 731 & 752 used, LUXEMBURG SG 606 m/mint & used, 612 m/mint & 661 m/mint with MONACO SG 407 used. Cat £53+ Res £8

335. MISC COUNTRIES-NORWAY SG 446/48 m/mint & used, PORTUGAL SG 1136/39 m/mint with 1st 2 values used also, SPAIN SG 1295/1300 m/mint, SWEDEN SG 378/80 m/mint & used and TURKEY SG1527 m/mint. Cat £73+ Res £10

336. AUSTRIA/GERMANY/SAAR-AUSTRIA SG 1234 & 1270 m/mint, GERMAN FEDERAL REPUBLIC SG 1093 m/mint and SG 1145 m/mint & used, WEST GERMANY SG 1203 m/mint, EAST GERMANY SG E130 m/mint & used, E315 used, E255-56 m/mint & used 20pf, E296 m/mint & used, E305/6 used, E388 & 397 m/mint, SAAR SG 268, 269, 273, 279 & 429 m/mint and E277 used. Cat £79+ Res £12

337. POLAND-SG 741 m/mint & used, 841 used, 876, 844/45, 885/86 and 1066 m/mint. Cat £18+ Res £3

338. VIETNAM, NORTH & SOUTH-South Vietnam SG S91/94 m/mint, North Vietnam SG N85/86 & N102 m/mint and Military Frank Stamp SG NMF 112 m/mint. Cat £25+ Res £4

339. VIETNAM, NORTH-SG N38/41 m/mint condition. Catalogued £121 Res £20

340. FRENCH SOMALI COAST-1943 SET 10c to 20f m/mint SG361-374 Res £3

341. 1944-MEXICO 10c parcel post issue, used, IRAN 25d used, BOLIVIA obligatory tax stamps for employees 10c [1944] & 10c [1945] m/mint, 1945-ROMANIA War Victims relief Fund 36l used, Romanian engineers issue 10l green, perf & 10l blue imperf, both m/m-SLOVENIA 20c brown “Railway viaduct”, m/m & used-COSTA RICA telegraph stamps overprinted for airmail 40c, 50c & 1 Colon values, used. Res £3

342. 1947-MEXICO 10c parcel Post stamps m/m & used, AUSTRALIA-Newcastle commem 5½d m/m & used, DENMARK 20+5 Ore Liberation Fund value m/m & used, centenary issue 15, 20 & 40 Ore values, m/m & used, TURKEY Railway congress issue 15, 20 & 60k m/m, USA stamp centenary 3c pair on piece used-SWITZERLAND National Fete issue of four values SG 473/76 m/m. Res £3

343. 1947-NORWAY Post Office commem 45 Ore m/m & used, ROMANIA 15th October Engineer 3l + 3l issue m/m, COSTA RICA 35c pacific railway extension air stamp used, BOLIVIA Obligatory tax stamps for Communications Employees-10c values in 4 different colours, m/m-SWITZERLAND railway centenary set of four, m/m & used, YUGOSLAVIA Juvenile Labour issue of four values m/m, SENEGAL 15f Diesel value, m/m & used, URUGUAY 10, 20 & 30c Parcel stamps with colour change & 5c brown “Sea & rail Transit”, used. Res £4

344. 1948-BELGIAN CONGO 2f50matadi-Leopoldville Rly commem, m/mint, PERU 70c violet values surcharged 10, 20 & 55c for air use, used-SPAIN Spanish Rly commems 50c, 2pta & 5pta values m/m, ROMANIA 15l +15l communications value m/m, GOLD COAST GEO VI 3d pictorial m/m & used. Res £3

345. BELGIUM-1952 Railway Official Stamps general issue with imprint B within oval-10c, 20c, 40c, 50c, 65c, 80c, 90c & 1f m/mint. Res £6

346. BELGIUM-Railway Parcel Post stamps SG P1517-19 in lm/mint condition-catalogued at £48 Res £9

347. GUATEMALA-1897 Issue SG62-75 includes the key values 75c & 150c m/mint. The 12c, 25c & 100c values are used. [14] Res £35

348. NORTH BORNEO-1909 Issue SG 161 & 162 m/mint. [2] Res £2

349. S.W.A-Mint & used pairs of SG96 cat £24 Res £5

350. FRENCH COLONIES-Indo China SG247-50 mint & used and MIDDLE CONGO-SG 1-8 mint-cat £23+ Res £5

351. YUGOSLAVIA-SG378-81 used & 391-95 mint-cat £13 Res £4

352. ROMANIA-SG1422-27 mint-cat £11+ Res £3.50

353. EUROPE-FRANCE SG1723 & 1730 m/m, LUXEMBURG SG 785/6 m/m, SAN MARINO SG 755-64 m/m, NETHERLANDS SG976/77 m/m & used, TURKEY SG 1864 m/m, 1934 m/m & used and SG 1935 m/m, DENMARK SG452 m/m, FINLAND SG634/6 mm & extra 636 used, AUSTRIA SG1364 m/m, 1392 m/m& used and 1408 m/m, SWITZERLAND SG659 & 661 m/m and 672 m/m, SPAIN SG1645 m/m, MONACO SG D700 m/m and BELGIUM SG 1855 m/m & used. Cat £18 Res £4

354. FRENCH COLONIES [AND KATANGA]-MADAGASCAR SG 17 m/m & used, MALAGASY SG35 & 108 m/m, CONGO [KATANGA] SG73 & 75 m/m, CONGO REPUBLIC SG106, D27 & D28 m/m, GABON SG265 & 284 m/m, IVORY COAST SG272 m/m, CAMEROONS SG376, 377, 412, 452/453 m/m, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC SG47-50 m/m, LAOS SG127 m/m, MAURITANIA SG157 m/m, TOGO SG288 & 321 m/m, TOGO SG375 m/m and NORTH VIETNAM SG354/55 & 315 m/m. Cat £59+ Res £15

355. SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA-BOLIVIA SG701 m/m, CHILE SG524 m/m, ECUADOR SG1175 m/m, NEXICO SG996 & 997 m/m & used, 995, 1041/42 m/m, URUGUAY Parcel Post Stamps SG P975, 1069 & 1070 m/m, VENEZUELA SG1813 m/m, BRAZIL SG1038 m/m & used, 1093 & 1159 m/m, PERU SG875 m/m and COLOMBIA SG1129-33 m/m. Cat £34 Res £8

356. EASTERN EUROPE-YUGOSLAVIA SG996 m/m, HUNGARY SG1740, 1751, 1795 [plus IMPERF], 1903, 1905, 1911, 19142182 & 2183 [plus IMPERFS], POLAND SG1631 with tag, all m/m; ROMANIA SG2732 m/m & used, 2901, 3031/32 used, BULGARIA SG1348 used, 1449-1454 and 1525 m/m. Cat £19+ Res £5

357. GB & COMMONWEALTH-GB SG660 & 713 m/m, PAKISTAN SG153/54 m/m, CEYLON SG 503/04 pair m/m, INDIA SG509 m/m, MALAYA 1960/62 8c green values from PENANG, MALACCA, JOHORE, KELANTAN & SELANGOR and MALAYSIA SG 39, all m/m, SOUTH AFRICA SG 183 m/m & used, CYPRUS SG191 m/m & used and NEW ZEALAND SG818/19 m/m. Cat £33+ Res £8

358. BRITISH COMMONWEALTH-RHODESIA & NYASALAND SG249 m/m, GHANA SG324-27 m/m with added 326 used, CANADA SG 535 m/m, SWAZILAND SG109-12 m/m, CHRISTMAS ISLAND SG15 m/m, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO SG293 m/m, CAMEROONS U.K.T.T SG T5 m/m & used and the two shades of SG T4c m/m and NIGERIA SG102 m/m & used with SG 101 [£1 value] used. Cat £35 Res £8

359. MISC COUNTRIES-USA SG1195 m/m, INDONESIA SG831 used & 1005 m/m, U.N SG161/63 m/m, ETHIOPIA SG617-18 m/m, CUBA SG1313-14 m/m, MONGOLIA SG229 m/m and MOZAMBIQUE SG579 m/m and JAPAN SG898 & 988 m/m. Cat £18+ Res £4

The following lots are country thematic lots in excellent condition.

360. ARMENIA/ASCENSION UPU/AUSTRALIA from 1931-1996 mint & used. Cat £40 Res £5

361. CANADA-1927 to 1942 mint & used. Cat £62 Res £8

362. CANADA-1946 to 1995 mint & used. Cat £36 Res £4

363. GERMANY/DDR/PLAUEN/SAXON-1945 to 1990 mostly mint. Cat £63 Res £8

364. GERMANY WEST/BERLIN-1953 to 1997 mostly mint. Cat £60 Res £8

365. GIBRALTAR/GILBERTS ETC-UPU to 1994 mint, GB from 1964 to 1994 mostly mint, GREECE 1927 to 1988 mostly mint & GUERNSEY 1972 to 1991 mint. Cat £52 Res £7

366. GENADA-1990 to 1996 mint. Cat £93 Res £12

367. GRENADA GRENADINES-1974 to 1996 mint. Cat £119 Res £18

368. INDIA-1937 to 1993 mostly mint. Cat £62+ Res £8

369. PORTUGAL,MACAU/MADEIRA - Thematic collection from 1956 to 1995 mostly mint-cat £77 Res £8

370. ST HELENA / ST KITTS / NEVIS / ST LUCIA / ST THOMAS & PRINCIPE / SAHARA / SAMOA & SENEGAL-Thematic collections from all of these places-cat £51 Res £5

371. ST VINCENT GRENADINES/BEQUIA/UNION ISLAND-Thematic collection from 1984 to 1995 mint-cat £86 Res £9

372. TATARUSTAN from 1992 to 1995 mint, TADJIKSTAN from 1992 mint, THAILAND from 1977 to 1993 mint, TOKELAU from 1988 mint, TONGA from 1949 to 1988 mint, TRANSKEI from 1989 mint & TRIESTE from 1949 to 1950 mint-cat £72 Res £7

373. TRURO & FALMOUTH S.C-S/ring dated 30.4.1896 with index B cancels 1d lilac stamp with trimmed edge. Stamp only. Wilson 350 Res £20

The following are oval Railway Company cancels-Pipe type 17

374. WATTEN/STATION/H’LAND [RY]-On QV 1/- green Jubilee issue Res £7.50

375. BRIDGE OF D[UN]/STATIO[N]/CAL RY-On 1/- green Jubilee issue in violet ink. Res £7.50

376. ABERFOYLE/STATION/NB RY-On 1/- green Jubilee issue Res £7.50

377. ASHWATER/STATION/L&SW RY-Violet inked cancel on piece. Res £6

378. FAHAN/STATION/L&LS RY-On stampless piece. Res £6

379. COOKSBRIDGE/STATION/LB&SC RY-On stampless piece. Res £6

380. BRADFORD/STATION/L&Y RY-Superb strike on QV 5/- [SG 181] with repaired corner. Very good looker though! Res £10

381. N.E.R-Pair of 2d RLS from the 33rd printing showing imperf margins at left & bottom. U/mm but with gum wrinkles in left margin. Res £7.50

382. COLNE VALLEY RAILWAY-2d RLS from the bottom of the sheet, m/m with small thin on back. Res £12.50

383. GWR-4d RLS in u/mm condition Res £17.50

384. SHROPSHIRE & MONTGOMERYSHIRE RAILWAY-2d red RLS in m/m condition. Res £15

385. WATERFORD DUNGARVAN & LISMORE RAILWAY-2d red RLS in m/m condition Res £15

386. CASTLEDERG & VICTORIA BRIDGE TRAMWAY COMPANY-2d green RLS. Unused, no gum. Res £4

387. LARGER Envelope [7½ x 6½ in] addressed to Glasgow with GEO V ½d & 1d photogravure values tied by GLASGOW machine cancel & s/line dates 16 NOV 1936 at EUSTON. At left is 3d LMS parcel stamp similarly cancelled by the s/line date in violet ink. Nice commercial usage. The envelope is addressed to the Rev James Barr, M.P and contains an invitation to hear him talk at a meeting of the National Council for the Abolition of the Death Penalty. Res £50

388. LANCS & YORKS RAILWAY-“WILSON” Cover addressed to him at Longsight, Manchester with Lancs & Yorks Railway 3d RLS overprinted FOURPENCE in violet ink. RLS is cancelled by s/line KEARSLEY L&Y RY in violet ink. The GEO V 2d is tied & the RLS is just tied, by the MANCHESTER machine cancel dated 13.6.1921. Res £80

389. GEO V 1½d postal stationery envelope addressed to Ipswich with endorsement [smudged] TO BE POSTED AT CAMBRIDGE at top left. The stamp impression is cancelled by CAMBRIDGE machine cancel dated 9.1.1934. At left is LNER 3d prepaid parcel stamp issued at WHITTLESFORD. Res £60

390. GWR 4d RLS & GEO V 1½d tied to piece by indistinct rectangular cancels. Res £15

391. MID HANTS RAILWAY-Illustrated cover bearing the set of four 1977 labels, cancelled by first day handstamp dated 30.4.1977. [Wilson Cat. L1-4 @ £40] Cover was carried on “AZNAR LINE BY 31874”. Res £20

392. BLUEBELL RAILWAY-1972 10p deep blue label with imperf lower margin. Wilson 1b m/m Res £15

393. GREAT WESTERN SOCIETY TPO 814-1981 10p red proof sheet of six cancelled twice by d/ring GWR TPO VAN 814/DIDCOT in blue ink. Number 21 of just 22 prepared sheets. Res £30

394. GREAT WESTERN SOCIETY TPO 814-1985 green strip of three mounted as a colour proof on thin printed card, prepared for the 150th anniversary of the GWR. Signed by Chris Whitehead, the designer & just one of 50 cards presented at the GWR 150 event. Res £20

395. FESTINIOG RAILWAY-1969 Blue value in complete sheet of 12 numbered 02827 from the later, August printing. Res £7.50

396. KENT & EAST SUSSEX RAILWAY-Complete se-tenent sheet of ten of the 1979 15p values with large overprint SPECIMEN. U/mm Wilson 1sp-2sp Res £20

397. LLANBERIS LAKE RAILWAY-1980 5p/15c provisionals in complete sheet of 10 u/mm. Wilson cat. 3+4+7+8 Res £15

398. WEST SOMERSET RAILWAY-1985 20p green [possibly lighter shade than that issued] in complete sheet of 10 which is IMPERF. Unrecorded as such by Wilson-possibly proof status. Res £30

399. WEST SOMERSET RAILWAY-1985 20p green in complete sheet of 10, each overprinted SPECIMEN and with an additional row of roulette perfs running through the bottom row of stamps. Signed by the postmaster, but without sheet number added. Possibly a discarded sheet from the 30 specimen sheets issued, due to the additional roulette perfs. Res £35

400. GWR-British Rail GWR 150 sheet of four x 55p values, Imperf. Wilson 3a-6a Res £6

401. BRITISH RAIL-15p Western Diesel label [cat.L2] on illustrated cover carried from Paddington to Penzance on the Cornish Riviera Limited on 29.4.1972. Posted on arrival to Brighton. Res £3

402. BRITISH RAIL-15p Western Diesel label on illustrated “Laira Diesel Depot Open Day” cover, tied by the CARRIED ON KING GEORGE V between Bristol & Laira on 22.9.1972. Posted with special handstamp. Res £3

403. BRITISH RAIL-15p Brighton Belle label [Cat.L3] on cover carried on the last run of the train & posted in Brighton on 30.4.1972 Res £3

404. BRITISH RAIL-16p LNER A4 label [Cat.L6] on illustrated cover for 50th anniversary of railway Grouping. Carried on the FLYING SCOTSMAN [Cachet in violet ink] & posted from London on 1.1.1973 Res £3

405. BRITISH RAIL-A similar cover to previous lot with ROYAL SCOT cachet cachet. Res £3

406. MIDDLETON RAILWAY-6d black on yellow label without legend on cacheted cover to Wales & posted from the YORK-SHREWSBURY TPO 2 on 27.6.1972. Also on the front is a 2p Leeds School label & various other cachets on front & back. Res £4.50

407. 1985 TRAINS SET On illustrated FDC cancelled FDI of TAUNTON dated 22.1.1985. At left, tying stamp is framed cachet RAILWAY LETTER/ SERVICE/DATE/WEST SOMERSET RAILWAY dated the same day. Centrally are signatures of the guard & driver. This cachet pre-dates any stamp issue & is number one of just 30 produced. Res £12.50

408. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-2d blue parcel stamp with odd perf faults used from BIGGAR in April 1917. Blue lines behind serial number. Res £5

409. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-4d blue parcel stamp issued at Glasgow, Buchannan Street station & cancelled by oval cachet. With fine blue lines behind serial number. Res £6

410. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-3d blue parcel stamp, used and with odd perf fault with white background to serial number. Res £6

411. CALEDONIAN RAILWAY-4d blue parcel stamp “Issued at EDINBURGH”, used, with white background to serial number. Res £7.50

412. G&SW RAILWAY-2/- black parcel stamp used from THORNHILL Station. Res £7.50

413. G&SW RAILWAY-£1 black parcel stamp issued at Glasgow, St Enoch station & finely used from there in 1918. Res £15

414. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-4d green parcel stamp used in 1918 from MENSTRIE Station. Res £7.50

415. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-3/-green parcel stamp issued at ABERDEEN Station & used from there in 1918 Res £7.50

416. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-10d parcel stamp issued at Glasgow, Queen Street Station & used from there in 1919 Res £6

417. NORTH BRITISH RAILWAY-10/- green parcel stamp issued at Edinburgh & used from there. Light corner crease at left, bottom. Res £10

418. COUNTY DONEGAL RAILWAY-3d & 10d green railway stamps with odd staple rust spots at top margins-ex booklets. Res £6.50

419. FESTINIOG RAILWAY-2d red Paid parcel stamp issued at Baenau Festiniog. Unused, no gum. Res £10

420. L & L.S.R 3d red label, unused. Res £3

421. LMS LABEL “TOWN DELIVERY/PAID” with imprint date 1933 Res £3

422. HIGHLAND RAILWAY-7d & 10d black “Open at Both Ends” newspaper parcel labels, used. Res £10

423. MANCHESTER, SHEFFIELD & LINCOLNSHIRE RAILWAY-1d blue prepaid newspaper parcel label, used on small piece, no perfs at left & with manuscript cancel. Scarce. Res £20

424. HIGHLAND RAILWAY-½d red “Open at Both Ends/For One Newspaper Only” parcel stamp, unused. Res £7.50

425. KENT & EAST SUSSEX RAILWAY-1d black on white prepaid parcel label issued at FRITTENDEN ROAD Station. Res £5

426. SOUTH EASTERN & CHATHAM RAILWAY-3/- Prepaid parcel stamp issued at Gillingham Station, used May 1918 completed in manuscript for the transfer of a bicycle. Slight damage at top. Res £10

427. MIDLAND RAILWAY-1/- black on buff prepaid parcel stamp label issued at Leeds, fine used. Res £5

428. BRITISH RAILWAYS-1958 Publicity leaflet for “Special Cheap Tickets” offered from stations and Halts for 60 miles around Stratford-on-Avon with bus connections to the Warwickshire Agricultural Show at Wellesbourne. Centre fold. Res £5

429. TASMANIAN RAILWAYS-Railway parcel stamps [T.G.R] unused. 30c green & 35c magenta dated 1935 and 60c brown dated 1925. Fine. Res £7.50

430. PRINTED LABEL from Bees Nurseries at Chester, addressed to Harrow with printed “PER PASSENGER TRAIN-CARRIAGE PAID”. With 8d GEO VI value tied by parcel cancel for the final leg of the journey within Harrow. Res £17.50

The following lots are from a comprehensive collection of modern Railway Letter Stamps & covers formed by an ex-pat member. They are offered “by the page” and are in excellent condition.

431. BLUEBELL RAILWAY-10p deep blue on pale blue with imperf bottom & right margin on cover addressed to Sheffield Park Station & tied by Bluebell Railway cachet dated 7.9.1972. Also 10p green and 15p overprint on 10p green, mint. Oakley 1c, 2 & 3c. Res £18

432. BLUEBELL RAILWAY-Oakley 4a, 5, 7, 8, 11, Bluebell & KWVR 1 and British Rail 55p Rocket value, Oakley No.1, all in u/mm condition. [7] Res £3

433. BRITISH RAIL-GWR 150 Mini-sheet [imperf], Oakley 3a-6a and Oakley labels L2, L3, L4, L5 & L9 in mint condition. Also 150th anniversary of the Dublin & Kingstown railway £1 value of 1984 and the Brighton Belle value [Ls] on final trip cover dated 30.4.1972. Finally, the two 55p values produced for the introduction of the APT and a leaflet about the APT. [13] Res £12

434. DOWNPATRICK & ARDGLASS RAILWAY-Vertical se-tenant pair of the 1991 25p values. Oakley 1+2. Also EAST SOMERSET RAILWAY 1984 issue 2 x 10p & 2 x 20p values as well as mini sheet containing the same. Oakley 1-4 plus mini-sheet. [10] Res £3

435. EUROTUNNEL-Mini-sheet of May 1994 containing 4 x 55p values & further mini-sheet of June 1995 containing a further, different 4 x 55p values. Oakley 1-4 and 9-12 Res £3

436. FESTINIOG RAILWAY-FDC For the August 1975 150th anniversary of the Stockton & Darlington railway issue, tied by MINFFORDD station oval cancels. Res £3

437. FESTINIOG RAILWAY-Oakley 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 17, 18 & 19 mint condition. [13] Res £5

438. FESTINIOG RAILWAY-Oakley 21, 22 & 23, 24, 25 & 26, 32, 33, 34 & 35 together with the mini-sheet containing Oakley 32-35 with control number 3139. Finally a pair of black & yellow publicity labels. [13] Res £6

439. FESTINIOG RAILWAY-Oakley 11, 14, 15, 20, 30, 44, 27, 35, 36, 37 & 38 plus mini-sheet 36-38 and GWR 150 Benham silk cover with Oakley 31 & vale of Rheidol 55p + 20p 150 value tied by special cancels. [13] Res £6

440. FESTINIOG RAILWAY-Oakley 39 & 40 in se-tenant pair & further part sheet of four together with Benham silk FDC for No.40 tied by special cancel etc dated 8.9.1987. Also Oakley 30, 43 & 45, 50, 51, 52 & 53 in mini-sheet, odd postcard & two cut-outs. [14] Res £6

441. GREAT CENTRAL RAILWAY-Oakley 1, 2 singles & a pair, Oakley 3, 4 and a pair. Also Great Little Trains of Wales, Oakley 1 & 2 se-tenant pair. [10] Res £3

442. GREAT WESTERN SOCIETY TPO 814 GROUP-1973 mini-sheet containing reprints of the 1933 3d black & green Air Service values as issued by the Islander Study Group dated 12.4.1973. Also 1983 mini-sheet of 3 x 3d reprints of 1933 and a single overprinted 1933-1983 50th anniversary. Unlisted by Oakley Res £6

443. GWR SOCIETY TPO 814 GROUP-Oakley L1, L2, L3 & mini-sheet of 3, L4, 5 & 6 and mini-sheet of 3 together with FDC of the 3 values celebrating GWR 150 years. Also Oakley L7, 8 & 9, L10, 11 & 12. [19] Res £7

444. ISLE OF MAN RAILWAY-Oakley 1-4 as mini-sheet of four, 5 & 6 as sheet of eight and 7 & 8 as further sheet of eight. [20] Res £3

445. KEIGHLEY & WORTH VALLEY RAILWAY-Oakley 1, 3, 10, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16. Also pair of different tickets. [12] Res £2

446. KEIGHLEY & WORTH VALLEY RAILWAY-Oakley No.3 on FDC for the Liverpool & Manchester railway 12p x 5 tied by special oval cancel dated 12.3.1980. Also Oakley 6, 7, 8 & 9, 17 & 18 [7] Res £3

447. KENT & EAST SUSSEX RAILWAY-Oakley 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 in pairs where appropriate. [7] Res £3

448. LLANBERRIS LAKE RAILWAY-Oakley 1 & 2 [pair], 3 & 4 [pair], 7 & 8 [surcharge pair], 9 & 10 [overprint pair], 11 & 12 [pair], 13 & 14 [pair], 15 & 16 [pair] and 17 & 18 [pair]. [16] Res £12

449. LLECHWEDD SLATE CAVERNS-Oakley 1, 2 & 3 [pair], 10 & 11 [pair], 12 & 13 [pair], 16 & 17 [pair], 18 & 19 [pair], 20 & 21 [four pairs-red/blue-blue/red & 2 x brown/green pairs], 26 & 27 [two pairs]. [23] Res £20

450. MANX ELECTRIC RAILWAY-Oakley 1-4 mini sheet and newspaper labels 1p black on grey, 1p black on yellow & 1p black on blue. [7] Res £3

451. MID HANTS RAILWAY-Oakley 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 15p postal stationery envelope Oakley S1 used 25.3.1978, mini sheet of 6 x Oakley No.6 and Oakley 2, 4, 9 & 8. [11] Res £6

452. NENE VALLEY RAILWAY-FDC Celebrating 150 years of Polish Railways, dated 7.4.1992 at Wansford Station, three different Benham silk FDC’s with Oakley 2, 3 & 4 affixed & tied by 10th anniversary cancels dated 1.6.1987, strip of 3 of Oakley 2, 3 & 4, mini sheet of nine x Oakley 2, 3 & 4. Also Oakley 1, 6, 5 & 7 together with Oakley 8, 9 and sheet of nine x No.9 [perf] and Oakley 9. [32] Res £15

The second part of this collection [N-Z] to be offered in our next July auction.


454. RAILWAY THEMED COVERS From Sweden, Australia, India, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Canal Zone, Rhodesia, UK, Swaziland and South Africa. [25] Res £5

455. RAILWAY THEMED COVERS-A Similar lot to previous including a MOORLANDS RAIL TOUR cover Ex-Flying Scotsman. [15] Res £3

456. MODERN GB TPO COVERS Including pre 1970 [13] & post 1970 [10] Clean lot without duplication. [23] Res £8

457. ISLE OF MAN-Set of February 1988 maxi cards [1p to £1] with appropriate stamp affixed to the front & cancelled by FDI cancel of Douglas. [15] Res £8

458. ISLE OF MAN-1973 FDC [5] for the 2½p, 3p, 7½p & 9p values [both 2½p values noted], 1976 horse tram FDC x 2, assorted 1975 definitive issues FDCs, 3 leaders of the world covers from St Lucia, Tuvalu & St Vincent and 3 other railway FDCs from the UK [2] & Australia. Res £6

459. GERMANY-Folder presented by SIEMENS, Containing the 1975 Berlin railway set of four values to 70 + 35pf tied by special Berlin train wheel cancel dated 15.4.1975 Res £3


461. BELGIUM-SG P1307, 1308, 1311, SG1584, SG P806, 897 & 808 m/mint condition. Res £4

462. SWAZILAND-Illustrated FDC for the 1947 Royal Visit addressed, registered mail, to London with the set of four tied by MBABANE d/rings dated 17.2.1947 Res £6

463. USA-Ten commem covers [small] from the 1950’s to 70’s including TRANSFER CLERK cancel etc. Very clean. [10] Res £5

464. USA-Ten commem covers including about 5 Last Day “Carried” Covers etc. from the 1970’s. [10] Res £4

465. USA-Ten commem covers from the 1970’s/80’s. Very clean lot-all different. [10] Res £4

466. USA-Ten more commem covers from the 1970’/80’s. All different. [10] Res £4

467. USA-AND SOME MORE-All different [10] Res £4

468. USA-MORE! All different. [10] Res £4

469. LNER Official real photo postcards by the Locomotive Publishing Company depicting The Silver Jubilee, West Riding Limited, The Coronation, engine end & tail end, Dominion of New Zealand, Golden Shuttle, Commonwealth of Australia, Sir Nigel Gresley, Silver Link and the Union of South Africa. Pristine! [10] Res £8

470. LNER Official real photo postcards as previous lot. [10] Res £8

471. VARIOUS Engines under steam in various locations. Some identified, others not. All are C.1950’s/60’s and are postcard-sized. [18] Res £8

472. VARIOUS Engines at various locations etc as previous lot. [20] Res £8

473. VARIOUS ENGINES at various locations etc as previous lots [20] Res £8

474. COLOURMASTER INTERNATIONSL Postcards of engines, collectors series by photo precision of St Ives, Hunts. A series of 24 with numbers 1, 2 & 11 missing. [21] Res £4

475. FRANCE/MARSEILLE GARE-Number of covers with Marseille Gare machine cancels and various “Alphanumerique” numbers from H1 to H6. These are rather like our “Transorma” marks used at Brighton from the late 1930’s to late 1960’s. [Approx 50] Res £5.