The Circulating Packets have long been one of the most popular activities of the Society and Members now use the Railway Philatelic Group Exchange Packets to buy and sell Postal History as well as Stamps. This is of great benefit both to those who have duplicates they wish to be rid of and collectors who want to fill gaps in their collection, usually at lower prices than they would have to pay commercially. However, we regret that the Exchange Packet is restricted to UK Members only for two important reasons: (1) We cannot accept material for sale in the Packet from members living outside the European Union since the Railway Philatelic Group cannot accept liability for VAT charged on entry to the UK. (2) Under the Members’ Compensation Scheme, the Circulating Packet cannot be sent to members living outside the United Kingdom. The Exchange Packets are composed of books of stamps or covers. The covers can be in books or book size envelopes. These belong to members and are circulated to Group Members who are on the Exchange Packet Circulation Lists. When a Packet is received, the member goes through the material to see if there is anything he or she wishes to buy. There is no compulsion to buy. The Packet is then passed to the next member on the list by hand or by post, as appropriate and the payment is sent to the Packet Secretary. The following collecting areas are covered: Railway Thematics Railway Thematic covers TPO postmarks – covers or on piece RSO postmarks – covers or on piece Railway Letter Stamps – Modern Railway Letter Stamps, Parcel & Newspaper Stamps – Early Postcards Railway documents and items not covered by the above categories. Members may join any or all of the sections should they so wish. Members of the Group who have material to sell may contribute it to the Circulating Packets whether or not they are buying members of any Packet. A small commission of 12.5% is charged to Sellers on all sales to cover the costs of the Exchange Packet Service plus a 1% Insurance Fee is charged on the value of each booklet circulated. Members receiving the packets are charged a 20p insurance fee. Please contact the Packet Secretary for further details. The e-mail address is: packetsecretary@railwayphilatelicgroup.co.uk