THIS PAGE HAS TO BE CHECKED AND REFORMATTED The publications listed below are available from the Group Publications Officer, Keith Downing. Contact Keith at for details of postage for your area and any other information you may require. TPO The definitive book on collecting TPOs is: The Travelling Post Offices of Great Britain & Ireland by H S Wilson published 1996. ISBN 0901667 234 price £21 plus p+p. POSTMARKS For a simple listing of postmarks and an indication of values: Great Britain & Ireland Travelling Post Office Postmarks by F J Wilson published 1991. ISBN 0901667 20X price £7 plus p+p. A listing of types and dates of postmarks is: Postmarks of British Railway Stations 1840-1997 by W T Pipe. ISBN 0901667 250 price £15 plus p+p. RAILWAY LETTERS STAMPS For listings of traditional Railway Letter stamps: The Railway Letter Stamps of Great Britain & Ireland 1891-1947 by R de Lacy-Spencer published 2000 by Moorside Publishing. ISBN 1903633 01X price £25 plus p+p. The Railway & Airway Letter Stamps of the British Isles 1891-1971 by Capt HT Jackson published 1979 by Harry Hayes. ISBN 0905222 377 price £15 plus p+p These two were not published by the RPG and are out of print but I have a few copies.