Subscriptions are renewable on 1 OCTOBER each year and the rates are:

UK MEMBERSHIP - £20.00 per annum.

OVERSEAS MEMBERSHIP - £25.00 per annum.

Four editions of the Journal, ‘RAILWAY PHILATELY’, are sent each year. If you join before 30 June you will receive all journals for that year to 1 October but you will be required to renew your membership on 1 October as you would have received the four journals for the year in which you joined.

New Members joining on or after 1 July each year will receive a complimentary copy of the latest issue of the Journal but their Membership will commence from the following 1 October.

Note: back copies are still available of some issues of ‘Railway Philately’. Please contact Webmaster via the contact form at Contact Us (see sidebar).

METHODS OF PAYMENT (UK) Cheque or Postal Order for £20.00. Future subscriptions can be made by Standing Order.

METHODS OF PAYMENT (Overseas), see details with the Overseas Application Form.

All remittances to be made payable to:

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HERE for the link to a .pdf version of the UK Application Form.

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